The Greek Gods and Goddesses

 The Greek Gods and Goddesses are probably the most recognized out of all the characters in Greek Mythology. What is the first thing that you think of when someone says “Greek Mythology”? I know that I would think of the Greek gods and goddesses. There are 12 Olympians. If you think that the only gods and goddesses are part of the 12 Olympians, then you’re wrong. There are plenty of minor gods and goddesses part of Greek Mythology that aren’t living on Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus is the location where the Olympians live. It is found in the Northern-Central part of Greece. Back to the Olympians. The eldest is Aphrodite (goddesses of love). She was born right after the event of Cronos murdering his father. Her siblings were the Furies (Erinyes), the Gigantes and the Meliae (ash tree nymphs). Cronos and his sister Rhea, produced six of the 12 future Olympians (Hades is not considered one of the 12 since Dionysus took his place. However, he still comes to meetings once a year). The second oldest of the Olympians was Hestia. Then Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. Zeus recused his fellow siblings from the somewhat small stomach of Cronos.



 Aphrodite is known to be the eldest of the 12 Olympians. She is the goddess of love. Her siblings were not the other Olympians however. Her siblings were the Gigantes, the Furies (Erinyes) and the Meliae. She was created from the golden ichor the poured out from Ouranos as his son Cronos castrated him. The ichor ran down to the ocean and mixed with the sea foam to form Aphrodite. She was born inside of a massive clam shell that opened after the sea foam mixed with the ichor.


 Hestia is commonly known for being the goddesses of the hearth. The hearth is where Hestia sits quietly on Mount Olympus for most of the time. One scenario that has happened was with her and Prometheus. He secretly traveled to Mount Olympus asking her for her permission to take some coals from her hearth. He felt that he owed his humans the fire and a way to live. Prometheus also asked for Hestia to keep this a secret from Zeus since he was furious with the newly created humans. Rhea and Cronos are Hestia’s parents and her siblings are Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus.

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