Chapter Four: Zeus is Howling with Anger: The Creation of Mankind

Prometheus created men and Zeus created women (Pandora). There was a war between man and Zeus, so Prometheus sacrificed man to Zeus who gave man skin over the flesh and fat around their bones.

Prometheus thought that fire should be given to man but Zeus had other thoughts, he refused to give man fire. Prometheus was sneaky, he came and stole it in a hollowed stick of fennel. Then Prometheus taught man to cook and make creations out of fire,such as, pottery.

He (Prometheus) took away our knowledge of the future and left us with blind hope. Then he took all bad and evil out of the world and put it in a jar which he then gave to his brother, Epimetheus for safe keeping. He also warned his brother about Zeus.

Lord Zeus found out that mankind had gotten hold of the fire and he was howling with anger.  He blamed Prometheus. Working together with his son Hephaestus, they formed a woman out of clay. She was as beautiful as Aphrodite herself and as modest as a maid. Athena dressed her, Aphrodite gave her grace and Hermes gave her a lovely voice and a tricky mind. They named her Pandora and sent her to Epimetheus.

Epimetheus was very unintelligent. Pandora beguiled him with her looks and her voice, and gave this mix of sweetness and deceitfulness to all other woman. Pandora opened the jar and all that was bad escaped back into the world.

When Prometheus discovered what had happened he was hopeless. He looked once more at the jar and saw that all that was left was hope, which he shook out and sent out into the world, giving man solace.

Zeus’ wrath wasn’t finished for he chained Prometheus to Mount Caucasus, and sent an eagle to pick out his liver. The creature had returned every day as the god’s liver would grow back each day. Zeus had never felt as if he got his vengeance since not all humans respected him.  And it was all Prometheus’ fault.

Prometheus chained to Mount Caucasus. Giant eagle coming to pick out his liver.
Prometheus chained to Mount Caucasus. Giant eagle coming to pick out his liver.

Meanwhile, the world grows miserable and Zeus decides it needs to be destroyed. He saved Deucalion and Pyrrha, children of Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus, by putting them in a boat before he floods the world.
They arrived on Mount Parnassus, where, with the help of the titan Themis, Prometheus mother, they turn stones into people and repopulate the world. One of their children is named Helen, who gives rise to the Hellenes, and/or ancient Greeks.

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