Chapter Three: The Destruction of Ouranos


All the titans were aghast at their father. In fact, all of their children were terrified of Ouranos. Ouranos thought his children were ugly and was a little nervous of their power. So, after the titans were born, he sent the Hekatoncheires and the Cyclopes to a dark pit underground. The pit was below the depths of Tartarus. Mother Earth was outraged by this and demanded the Titans to kill their cruel Father Heaven. She decided that she didn’t want him anymore. She decided that she needed Ouranos dead.

Gaia asked which of her titan children would do her the “honor” of murdering their father. All of the supposedly bold titans glanced around nervously at each other and one stepped up to the plate. The youngest, smallest yet bravest titan, Kronos.

Kronos castrating his father Ouranos.
Kronos castrating his father, Ouranos.

Kronos didn’t act alone. There were four other titans who helped too. Hyperion held down one of the corners down of Ouranos. He most likely held down the East side since his daughter was dawn. Iapetos held the the West corner of his father. Koios held down the North side and Krios held down the South side. Gaia invited Ouranos down from his primordial position in the sky to “try” to get back together. He did as she told him and while they were chatting, the four titan “pillars” held him down. Kronos quickly castrated his father with a scythe that his mother gave him.

Golden ichor (blood of immortals) started pouring out from Ouranos. The ichor mingled with mostly the earth to create the last of his children. The Erinyes (three Furies), the Gigantes (the Giants), the Meliae and lastly a goddess. Her name was Aphrodite and she was the goddess of love.

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