Chapter One: The Beginning

In the beginning there was only Chaos, the empty void of dark nothingness. Chaos was an immortal and his name meant void. One version of this story states that Chaos wanted company, so he decided to form Gaea (Mother Earth), Eros (Love), Tartarus (The Underworld), and Nyx (Night). Nyx bore Erebus two children: Aether (Light) and Hemera (Day). Without Erebus, Nyx gave birth to Ker (Destruction), Hypnos (Sleep), Moros (Destiny, Doom), Thanatos (Death), Momus (Blame), Oizys (Distress, Pain), Oneiroi (Dreams), the Hesperides, the Fates, the Keres, Nemesis (Retribution, Indignation), Philotes (Friendship), Geras (Old Age), Apate (Deceit) and Eris (Strife, Discord).

Chapter Two: Gaea and her Nuclear Family

Gaea, in the end, had plenty of monstrous  children. She began with only two, whom she had with Chaos and supported by Eros. They were named Ouranos (Father Heaven) and Pontos (Sea). Pontus settled all around his mother so he could always feel loved by her. A few years later, she fell in love with Ouranos. He wrapped his primordial-self around Gaea. They had three children together at first, the Hekatoncheires. The Hekatoncheires have fifty-heads and one hundred hands. In some other references they are called the hundred-handed ones. There were the other children of Gaea, named the Cyclopes. Each cyclops has only one eye right in the center of their forehead. Cyclopes are strong enough to break down a massive three layered brick wall with only their fists. Each one of Mother Earth’s offspring were as strong as any natural disaster, especially all her children combined. At last, Gaea bore almost the last of her children, she gave birth to the Titans.

Chapter Three: The Destruction Of Ouranos


All the titans were aghast at their father. In fact, all of their children were terrified of Ouranos. Ouranos thought his children were ugly and was a little nervous of their power. So, after the titans were born, he sent the Hekatoncheires and the Cyclopes to a dark pit underground. The pit was below the depths of Tartarus. Mother Earth was outraged by this and demanded the Titans to kill their cruel Father Heaven. She decided that she didn’t want him anymore. She decided that she needed Ouranos dead.

The Titans
The Titans
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